Notice of AGM 2016

Dear Members
The AGM will be on Thursday 25th February 2016
At Bradville Hall Community Centre
Maercers Drive
MK13 7AY

As members of the group we would like to invite you to the AGM. We would also welcome you to help in the election of the committee to manage the group for the coming year 2016/17.

Next meeting 22nd July

Please join us at the Black Horse pub for our meeting at 17:30 on 22nd July 2015.


1. Minutes of last meeting
2. Matters arising
3. Update on members site visit to meet The Parks Trust 13th July…..
4. Heritage Open Days 10 – 13th September & Opening Event combined, ongoing organization.
5. Time and location of meetings a problem for some, any ideas?
6. Publicity for above, and Parish Newsletter article
7. Invitation to meet architects’ on site 23rd July, questions to be asked.
8. Accounts
9. AOB

Next meeting 25th March

The next meeting will be on 25th March, at 17:30. Hopefully it will be at the Black Horse pub but this will be confirmed nearer the time.
We will elect the 3 officers at this meeting. Nigel is happy to return as Treasurer, but we will have to elect the other 2 (chairperson & secretary). It would also be useful to have a vice-chairperson – please let Babs know if you are interested.