Our Aims


  • Protecting the Site with a fence
  • Locating stones (e.g. tombstones)
  • Structural Survey
  • Produce an Information Leaflet
  • Event for St Peter’s Day

Medium Term 

  • Acquire Funding  
  • Formalising the society and its constitution 
  • Hold first and annual AGM

Long Term

  • Create history archives
  • Make a heritage trail
  • Study Site
  • Acquire Photos
  • Contact Pat Hammonds
  • Make a garden or quiet space



Completed / In progress / To do

9 thoughts on “Our Aims

  1. Excellent work producing an interesting website with plenty of useful information for history lovers as well as those with a desire to see our national heritage retained for future generations! Well done, and I hope you’ll have great success in the future. I give you permission to keep me updated on developments, via email, if you wish to.

  2. im thrilled that this action is happening ,stanton pack will help in whatever way we can .as for me jan (brown owl ) im very intrested in being as active as you need me to be ,,,,

  3. I am studying environmental sustainability at university currently and, as I walk my dogs in “the church field” as I call it, I chose to focus a recent assignment on the church. I planned a trail route, designed a leaflet detailing the history of Stanton-Barre/Barry/Bury as well as the church itself, and various other things related.
    I got an A, so yay!!
    I want to play an active part in the protection and restoration of the church, and will join the society soon hopefully.

    All the best!

    • Congratulations on the A rated project! As a member of the Save St Peter’s committee I would be interested to see your trail and leaflet – maybe you’d like to let us use it for fund-raising???

      I have done some research on the last family to live in Stanton Low which you may like.

  4. hi , i have been looking at st peters church and love old churches , the ruins of st peters church are lovely, and we must preserve this lovely very old church , my husband and i walked round it the other day, and fell in love with it, we love walking round churches and gravestones, good luck with saving this special church , diane

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