Arch in St Peters before moving

Arch in St Peters before moving

The church in the 1950s was already empty. This arch was moved to St James’ church in New Bradwell (next photo)

2 thoughts on “Arch in St Peters before moving

  1. Through the arch can be seen the piscine and the sedilia and the altar rail. On the wall are the remains of the bracket which originally supported items of armour such as spurs, gauntlets, spurs, and a helmet. They were in a very bad state, being very rusty, so the helmet was removed, partly restored, and placed in St James, New Bradwell by myself and the Church Warden in the late nineteen forties

  2. Dear Mr Clamp

    The webmaster has passed on your comments about St Peter’s church. I would like to record your memories of the church which so nearly was demolished in the 1940s. I have collected all kinds of information from websites but it so valuable to hear personal stories.

    Do you feel able to write down what you recall or would you like to meet and chat about your memories?

    The group is having an open week end at St James New Bradwell on Friday and Saturday 8th and 9th of September 10 am – 1 pm when we will be putting on a display, showing some archive material if you’d like to call in.

    Thank you for sharing your memories.

    Pauline Wright. Chairman of Save St Peter’s group.

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