Timeline of the Church

Thanks to Pauline Wright for compiling the data for this timeline.
Use the arrows to navigate records, you can drag and drop to scroll through time, and can zoom in and out.

This link will take you to the same data but viewed in a larger window: larger timeline

2 thoughts on “Timeline of the Church

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  2. I was fascinated by this time line. My late Grandmothers family (The Sears) lived at Stanton
    Low Farmhouse, and its always been very sad for me that I never saw it ( I was born in 1969). I have photo of the family standing outside the farm if you would be interested? Their names and dates of birth are on the back. My Grandmother once told me how she would come and stay at the farm in the holidays when she was a child during the 1930’s and how they would walk past St Peters on their way to The Black Horse pub to fetch the milk. When we moved to Stony Stratford in the early 1990’s we took her there and walked along the canal to the pub. The bench she remembered sitting on outside the pub was still there.

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