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Snail mail: Save St Peters, 24 Mercers Drive, Bradville, Milton Keynes, MK13 7AY

Where is the church?  The church is on the Stanton Low fields, near the canal and the Black Horse pub. At the pub, come off Wolverton Road heading north and head down to the towpath.  Bear right at the fork and follow the track until you see the church.  Please note that you must not drive here as there is no parking off the track.

A link to Google Maps: google maps

10 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I noticed from the Google Maps image, as it is an aerial view, that there appear to be evidence of walls / enclosures adjacent to the church – does anyone know what else was in close proximity to St Peter’s Church “in its heyday”? I found the Google Map very interesting, thank you.

    • The history to this area is quite something. The mound you can see is part of the Mannor House garden. It is belived that the site of the house has been lost due to the change of the rivers course.
      The church was consumated in about 950ad. It was built using bits from the Roman times.

  2. Sylvia Bennet was born 3rd May 1929 and the family lived at the Mill . She walked to Haversham school in the old village, by the Church. At 16 she married her soldier, Stanley Williams and with their three children followed him to Cyprus, Sierra Leone, Germany and various stations in the UK for the next 22 years. Stan died in 1995.
    In 1997 Sylvia and I married and we live in Haversham. We have often visited st. Peter’s, usually showing my family around Sylvia’s country.

    • Thank you for this infomation. It is all these little bits that we need to build a picture of how the area use to be and of the importance of a little Church like this in the lives of these folks.

  3. I have tried to get in touch by email, as I have some photos which may be of interest. However, on two occasions I have got a message about a failrd connection. Rather than type it all out again, can you phone me on 01234 711638. I J Joyce

    • Thank you very much sorry I had forgotten to check this for a while but we would be very interested in any information you may have. Would you like to come to our next meeting and meets us all.

  4. It is an amazing place – I could see it from my bedroom window growing up as the Rector’s daughter at the (Old) Rectory – Haversham. My late Dad (Rev Mather) took services there before the gravel pits were built and we had a lodger who was archeologist who did a lot of digging around there prior to the creation of the gravel pits. It was very sad as there was quite a little community at Stanton Low and the history surrounding the ancient mounds etc. is amazing. If you email me, I might have some old photos etc. that might be of interest.

    • Thank you very much Stephanie for contacting us. I had forgotten to check this for a while how ever we would be very interested in any information you have. Would you be interested in coming along and meeting us at our next meeting.

  5. I have been tracing my Family History for 16 years now but since moving to Bradville in 2002 and only recently discovering the ruins of St. Peter’s Chuch in Stanton Low. I have been researching it’s history as far as I can find on the internet
    and am interested in attempted to read the inscriptions on what gravestones there are but as is know that is quite an impossible task.
    Is there a register of Interments and Plots in existence online. Being from Devon I have no decendents buried there nor do I have any connection with Buckinghamshire, I just have a new interest in the church as a way of taking my mind off the recent loss of my dear wife.

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