Sear family at Stanton Low Cottage 1911

Photos courtesy of Rachel Wyatt, who writes:
[Here is] a photograph of them sitting outside the farmhouse, my Great Great Gandparents Frederick and Mary Ann Sear with their children. The photo has all their names and dates of birth on the back. One of them is Ethel Violet born 1897 who married and became Ethel Eady, she and her husband had Eady’s butchers in Church St Wolverton until it was demolished to make way for the Agora. Their shop front is at Milton Keynes museum.

1963 service

John Piper’s sketch of the church

The following sketch is by John Piper and accompanying notes are, we think, taken from a Shell Guide book by Betjamin and Piper.
How beautiful were the columns inside the church.
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