Preservation work is imminent

We are pleased to report that repair work will soon start on the church and its surroundings.  Below is an internal note discussing the matter.

Ten companies tendered for the preservation work. JB Specialist Refurbishments from Huntington where successful coming in at £35,000. Arrangements will be made for us visit the site to see how things are going. Start date is 13th April 2015 subject to Listed Buildings consent which has been moved back by 4 weeks. Work should take 8 weeks. They will begin with the clearance of the vegetation. They will rebuild the archway keeping the concrete lintel in. The concrete on the top of the walls on the inside of the church will be replaced with a turf topping. Boundary walls will have Cock & Hen topping. We need to find as much of the stone as possible. It was suggested that we ask for volunteers to help. Best position for the site compound needs to be identified.

The security fence will stay up until after the summer school holidays. Should be ready in time for St. Peters Day 28th June 2015.

The Hard Landscaping Contractor will do the Swans Way wall.

There will be a sign going up to let people know what is happening.

Parks trust will be addressing the security of the Stanton Low site. We need to have a metal interpretation board with information on.

One thought on “Preservation work is imminent

  1. I have only just seen photos of this amazing place in Photography of Churches, Graves and Religious Monuments Group. It wouldn’t be much, but do you still need donations?

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